The 5 Steps of Web Based Lead Generation

Most small to midsize businesses fail to capture the full advantage of their web presence. Simply having a website alone isn’t sufficient in capturing today’s massive use of web traffic. But creating and capturing web traffic, which translate into solid leads for your business, doesn’t have to be complicated. Like a garden, it takes some time and effort to cultivate and grow consistent and relevant web traffic that blossoms into… Read More »The 5 Steps of Web Based Lead Generation

Landing Pages That Convert

Having the right landing page design and strategy can make a big difference in your business by matching the right kind of customers to the right kind of product or offer that suits them best. For example, if you’re a general contractor, rather than having potential clients land at your home page, you want a customer who needs kitchen work to land on your kitchen landing page. There are some… Read More »Landing Pages That Convert

How to Host React on SiteGround (or any other traditional hosting)

In this handy guide we’ll walk you through how to host your react app on a traditional hosting provider like SiteGround React is one of, if not the most popular UI libraries in the United States. But hosting your create-react-app on traditional hosting providers can be confusing considering most of them don’t even provide any documentation on how to do it. Have no fear because we’re going to give you… Read More »How to Host React on SiteGround (or any other traditional hosting)